aerys (aerys) wrote,

То, о чем так долго говорили большевики!

Дожили, наконец!

В президенты США собрался баллотироваться социалист Берни Сандерс.
Мы, передовые медсестры, конечно, всей душой за дело Ленина, минимальную зарплату 15 долларов в час, медстраховку для всех и другие социалистические преобразования.
Это посильней, чем какая-то полуБолотная, и даже чем "Фауст" Гете.

Даешь Сандерса в Белый дом!

I’m inviting you to join Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro, and thousands of other union members for a national town hall teleconference on Wednesday.

To join, please fill out the form on the RSVP page, and the Bernie campaign will call you on Wednesday September 9th at 8:30 pm ET/ 7:30 pm CT/ 6:30 pm MT/ 5:30 pm PT to start the call.

We’ll be talking about how we as nurses can help make Bernie our next president. He’s the real deal and understands the important role we play in his campaign.

Last month, NNU proudly became the first national union to endorse Bernie for President. His issues align with what’s important to nurses, including mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios, Medicare for all, a tax on Wall Street speculation to heal American communities, robust action on climate change, and a host of other priorities.

It’s important you are on the call so we can help elect Bernie as our next President!


Jean Ross, RN
NNU Co-President

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